About the Open Door Food Pantry

The Open Door Food Pantry has been serving needy families in the Butler County area since 1981. Services are provided without regard for race, creed, or national origin.  We strive to help individuals and families on an emergency basis.  Criteria for assistance includes income and other factors. We use the Virtual Case Management Software which is shared with other food pantries in the area to help insure that real needs are being met.

Our primary purpose is to provide food for individuals and families in need.  In addition, we can provide baby formula, diapers and other personal items as they are available.  An average of 1,800 people per month receive resources from the Open Door Food Pantry.

The Pantry is a not-for profit agency operated by a local Board of Directors.  Presently we employ one part-time staff person at The Pantry.  In addition, there are some support staff persons paid by the Senior Employment Center.  Volunteers are a vital part of the work of The Pantry and we welcome your participation.

The Open Door Food Pantry is operated through funds that are donated by individuals, churches, other community organizations and corporate grants. The Pantry also receives donations of food products from many of the same sources.

The Pantry became a choice pantry in 2005. This means that our clients may select the grocery items that they will take home, enabling individuals to leave with products that their families will use and enjoy, rather than receiving items picked by strangers who may not know their likes and dislikes. The choice pantry encourages healthy food choices.

Thanks to all who generously donated to our annual Concert.  We hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the experience.   All the performances were outstanding and we really appreciated them providing their special talents.